Artist Spotlight: The Glorious Unseen

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February 18, 2011

I am always on the lookout for fresh worship music and emerging artists and today I would like to stoplight one of my favourite worship bands – The Glorious Unseen.

Who Is ‘The Glorious Unseen’?

The Glorious Unseen began with a Sunday night Bible study… Disillusioned by the local church scene, a few former youth leaders and friends gathered on a spring Sunday night outside Nashville, TN. What took place ignited their hearts together… They came together to express their desire for God. They came together because they desired community. Their style of ministry was different… Not ever knowing what was going to happen, they continued to meet every Sunday night to pursue God – and to have Him pursue them. The worship that emerged from this group was simple, introspective, and vulnerable. When worship leader Ben Crist wrote his first song – he didn’t consider it a worship song… “I just wrote this cool song, but never thought it would be something we would play in worship. I thought maybe I’d have a side project where I’d play some of my own songs from time to time.” But when a few friends persuaded him to use the song during a worship set – the people were touched, and as he wrote more and more songs, the group gathered around them. The songs became their soundtrack. They became songs that brought them closer to God, and God closer to them… (From The Glourius Unseen Myspace)

The Glorious Unseen – Tonight The Stars Speak

Tonight The Stars Speak

Tonight The Stars Speak

In 2006 Ben landed a recording contract with Tooth and Nail records after his 5song worship cd caught their attention. He started recording, with his debut album being released in 2007 titled ‘Tonight the Stars Speak

This recording is one of the rawest worship albums that I have ever listened too, which is quite refreshing. I love how Ben doesn’t shy away from being real – instead he has just written what was on his heart.

I am a massive fan of great lyrics. I won’t go as far as saying lyrics are more important than music, because they both play such important roles in a worship song, but I love lyrics that a real, that I can grasp and make my own – and Ben does this with this able. Let me share some of my favourite sections from a few of his songs.

Tongiht The Stars Speak – Lyric Spotlight

The Glorious Unseen – Hear Our Prays

God will you make us a people that love You.
Please take our offerings that we set before You.
God hear our prayers that we’re lifting up to You.
God see our tears that we’re struggling to see through.
God hear our prayers as we lift them to heaven.
We’re praying the angels receive and embrace them.
The hopes of the empty, the cries of the broken.
We’re reaching our hands out, oh Lord will You hold them?

The Glorious Unseen – Close To Your Heart

You look down from heaven and melt me with your gaze
Then you come down from heaven and wrap me in your wings
And it makes me feel loved again so close in your arms
And it makes me feel home again so close to your heart

The Glorious Unseen – Wrapped Up In You

Take me to the place where You are.
Where my burdens fall down at Your feet.
Where Your spirit comes to carry me.
Take me away where I can be near You.
Where the sun is bright and warms my face
where I feel alive in Your embrace.

God you’re all I’ll ever need.
To be with You,
Will You carry me away to Your secret and Your holy place?
Where I’m all wrapped up in You,
Wrapped up in Your arms.
God I’m wrapped up in Your arms

Where To From Here?

The Glorious Unseen

The Glorious Unseen

The band has re-relseased a few of their songs in acoustic versions on their latest ep – ‘The Cries Of The Broken” and are currently working on the writing and recording of news songs for their upcoming full-length release! The Glorious Unseen are definately a band that you should check out.

The Glorious Unseen Website

The Glorious Unseen Myspace

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