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While most biographies focus on the many events in a persons life, I wanted to see what C. Dickens really brought to the table as a writer and as a person.

There are many Christian single women simply frustrated with the relationship and dating process. It feels like there is just too much pointless things attached to it, this have made so many Christian single women to lose hope. These women should not be discouraged but rather find out adjustment that they can make to see […]

I’ve met quite a few people over the years that have shared with me that the entire reason they wanted to pick up the guitar was to learn to play worship songs. Whether it’s on stage, with a small group or just by themselves at home, they want to be able to lead their own […]

1. Choose A Violin The first tip covers a lot of secrets to choose a good violin. You should consider a lot of factors before deciding to buy a Violin. Flexibility: You should choose a violin with flexibility for gaining smoother and fuller sound. Material: Material is the most important factor, which can decide quality […]

Worship and praises continues to be a fundamental portion of living in Nigeria for a long time. This particular used to occur even before contemporary Christian missionaries turn up to the nation. During the time, the actual natives utilized to sing tracks in praise of the God. These types of songs were being sung when […]

Many parents and educationists are now aware of the benefits of music lessons for children. Studies have shown that children who take music lessons have better math and reasoning skills as well as higher order thinking skills. Apart from this music lessons are believed to lower blood pressure, delay signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s and […]

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