Casting Crowns and Worship Music

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January 8, 2011

With all the awards glory and glamour, Casting Crowns still remains focused o their discipleship through Worship Music. The message from their lyrics and gospel music usually goes to the student services at Eagles Landing Baptist church near Atlanta. This is as it is because the band leader Mark hall has been the youth leader in that church for 18 years. The message in the Worship songs usually goes out to almost 400 teenagers and their families. The lyrics, usually bold, hard hitting, and honest continue to strengthen and give Christians and listeners alike a rekindled hope and a new meaning to loving God and loving people.

Even if you see the band’s origin you will realize that they started out as a student Worship band in Daytona Beach, Florida way back in 1999. Their Lyrics contains truths that are hard-to- hear and this is not common in other Christian Rock Bands. In hits like “American Dream,” you will hear uncompromising spirit because the lyrics of the song talks about a father’s neglect as he tries to provide for his family. “If We Are The Body,” sends a message to Christians that they should step outside their exclusive circles that they are involved in and try to also see the need of others around them.

Their Worship Music, Hall says, it tries to shake up people and help them see Jesus not as a religion but as a guide and to see God in a different way but not as a book.

Their intent and personal friendship with Jesus is what drives Casting Crown and that is also what shapes their offering of message-centered gospel music.

Through their Worship Music, Casting Crown gathered a great following amongst the Christians alone one fan says, “If there’s no relationship with Jesus as a person to you, you’re in trouble.” It’s about life, not religion. It’s about relationships, not books. Timely ideas not many of us think about, much less in that way. Casting Crowns is what we need to hear at exactly the time we need to hear it.

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