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Oleh: Tom
June 2, 2009

bargainEveryone is always looking for ways to get things as cheap as possible. So it doesn’t surprise me that you are looking for cheap Christian music.

Let me start off by saying that cheap Christian music should never mean illegally downloaded Christian music. Firstly, it is against the law, and as Christians we should obey the laws of the land, and secondly, the artists have worked hard to produce these songs and deserve to be paid for their work.


So where do you find it? Online.

Prices are constantly changing, so although one place may be the cheapest at the moment, that doesn’t mean that next month we wont see another online retailer selling cheap Christian music even cheaper. That is why before I buy Christian worship songs I always do a google search to make sure I am definitely getting the cheapest price. A few retailers that I would recommend would definitely be iTunes and Amazons – you will usually find their prices to be great. When it comes to cheap Christian music you have to just see what you can find. There is no one stop shop for the cheapest Christian music.

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  • Get free music from You can also follow @ccmsingles on Twitter (not all worship, but sometimes)

  • Tom

    Thanks Laura! New Release Tuesday seems like a fantastic resource!

  • Forgot another one – – you can follow them on Twitter, too @GWSongs

  • Tom

    Jeff – what a great list of resources! thankyou so much for sharing them all 😀

  • There is no doubt that in this economy finding good deals on music is a great thing. As someone who had been a volunteer worship leader for six years and having recently gone on staff at a church part-time I’m always looking for a deal. Over the last few months I have put together a pretty good list of places to go to get some help and Laura is right – New Release Tuesday is a great site). Let me throw out a couple resources that I use for free music and worship resources: – they have a rotating group of new mp3’s you can download. – contains links to free mp3’s, worship backgrounds, book excerpts, etc. – weekly chord charts, instructional videos and occasionally mp3’s

    When I find new stuff I try to blog about it over at my site so feel free to check it out and click on the music category.

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