“Indescribable” by Laura Story

Oleh: Tom
August 22, 2011

“Indescribable …uncontainable…You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name…” . Laura Story added verses on the piano and finished the song while reading God’s own description of His power and might in Job chapter 38 . What brought “Indescribable” into churches all across the United States and the world was when Chris Tomlin recorded it for his 2004 release “Arriving” . Enjoy the song and video . 🙂

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  • only4piano

    @misslinglingbaby2008 like u are a different religion or you choose not to?
    xcuse me if u find this nosey

  • Cc8408

    i agree chris sings this song so well
    but you also sing it beautifully God bless

  • avsieq

    muito linda essa musica que Deus abençoe

  • iamurtenshi

    you see the depths of my heart and you loved me the same. you are amazing God. so amazing.

  • Tulare74

    There is just something amazing about the way she sings this song.

  • oceansaway91

    I love this song, and the slides you put together are wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.

  • kitkatbrm14

    heard this in church this morning ,have it in my head that is good thing . I love this song the same every time i hear it. I love it so much i could fall to my knees and worship our wonderful god right now.

  • CirsteaMary

    @oceansaway91 I am glad that you like this song. You’re welcome. God bless you!

  • dashaoverholt

    @sharmainsan he is amazing know i wish oneday everybody would agree with use

  • dashaoverholt

    @sharmainsan he is amazing know i wish oneday everybody would agree with us

  • dashaoverholt

    @Tulare74 yeap

  • dashaoverholt

    @Tulare74 yeah

  • dashaoverholt

    @sharmainsan he blesses everybody

  • bocaJ157

    She wrote this,, amazing=)

  • Mike115219

    It’s not too surprising that she’d come up with a great arrangement – she wrote the song after all.

  • HKJLyns


  • OldWoman1958

    Thank you for this beautiful video. I have a high school friend who has gone deaf due to benign tumors and I try to share with her these songs with the words so she can read them. Bless you!

  • CirsteaMary

    @OldWoman1958 thank you very much. God bless you & your friend 🙂

  • Altazer

    i love this song 🙂

  • insidedreams88

    God God God you are so amazing

  • Insideoutswimmer

    God is Indescribable… He’s amazing. He is the only way
    Amen <3

  • misthotos


  • OneFaithMinistries

    And people think they have God all figured out and 100% in their box. HA! The Bible says God is so awesome that we cannot fully understand Him; The Triune God of the Universe! Amen.

  • steelhiker

    This original version is so much better than the”spruced up for church” versions I’ve begun to grow tired of. This simple and beautiful song is a true example of God’s amazing nature.

  • theEmerald28

    This so beautiful~ Indescribable~

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