John Mayer Has a Second Chance at Music after Throat Injury

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December 4, 2013

John Mayer is one of the most commercially and critically successful musicians of the past decade. He has sold millions of albums worldwide and he has one of the most distinctive voices in the music industry today. In 2011, all of that was almost lost when he encountered a problem with his vocal chords that prevented him from singing. Here is the story of how he managed to fight his way back to the music after nearly losing his voice forever.

In late 2011, John Mayer was in between the release of his fourth studio album Battle Studies and his fifth studio album Born and Raised. During this time, it was rumored that Born and Raised would become public in October. Unfortunately, one month prior to that expected release date, Mayer made an announcement that the album had to be postponed due to vocal nodules on his throat. Vocal nodules make it difficult, or even impossible, for a vocalist to sing or speak. Without proper treatment, vocal nodules can permanently damage a singer’s voice. Mayer was forced to cancel tour dates and undergo throat surgery to remove the nodules at the end of 2011.

Unfortunately for Mayer and his fans, the surgery was not as successful as previous hoped. Mayer would have to undergo surgery again in 2012. Fortunately, the second surgery proved successful. In January 2013, after a long recovery period and nearly two years of vocal silence, Mayer was able to command the stage and sing again.

Now, as John Mayer promotes his most recent album, Paradise Valley, he has begun to publicly reflect on what he learned from that experience. In a recent interview, he shared how he warms up and warms down his voice, to prevent those nodules from ever coming back. He also talked about how grateful he was to still be able to make music. His new single “Paper Dolls,” garnered millions of hits during its first day online. This only proved how glad the public was to have Mayer back where he belonged.

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