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May 24, 2009

The latest news is that Louie Giglio (Indiscribable DVD, and Passion Fame), is founding Passion City Church in Atlanta. While this is exciting news, I know that a lot of you will be wondering why the move from conference founder and music producer to Louie Giglio – Church Planter. And yes he is starting his church from scrath (more on that later).

Here is what Louie has to say about this new stage of their ministry:

If you haven’t heard by now, Passion is taking a massive turn as we head into the future. At the heart of the shift is a sense of fresh calling that God has made unmistakably clear to Shelley and me over the past eighteen months or so. Though for many reasons it looked like we might never lead a local church, all that has changed as God has placed in our hearts a huge passion to do just that. So in the coming months, by the grace of God, we will be planting a Passion Church in Atlanta as a local expression of the Kingdom of God for our rapidly growing and diverse city as well as a base for our influence throughout the nation and world.

I think it an exciting move for Louie Giglio. Church planting is not easy, but he has a great team to help him with their church launch – including Chris Tomlin and band, and Matt and Beth Redman (no shortage of amazing worship!)

This is a massive step of faith for Louie, but then again he is not a stranger to doing something different when called to by God. In 1995 Louie started Passion as  gathering of college students and turned it into a international college movement that has a massive impact!

First Service At Louie Giglio Church

The first service will be held on the 20th of September, with monthly meetings for the first couple of months before going bi-weekly then eventually weekly. This is a smart move as it enables them to take the time to iron out problems before getting into the craziness of running weekly services.

I know that Louie Giglio, church founders and a lot of the public are aiming for a successful launch and I really think this could be a church to keep an eye out for, as we should see a lot of resources coming from this talented team.

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  • Pastor Hosea Nelson Kyasooka

    Dear brother Louie Giglio,
    I just visited your site and i am aware of the new church plantin Atlanta.
    I sarted a church ten years ago,when I received a vision and God has been faithful.
    All God’s blessings.
    Pastor Hosea Nelson Kyasooka,
    Grace Fellowship Kampala,Uganda.

  • Pastor Hosea Nelson Kyasooka

    I am a pastor in Kampala,Uganda.I have been touched by your work.
    I would like to keep in touch for mutual encouragement.

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