Mighty To Save by Laura Story

Oleh: Tom
August 17, 2011

worship video with lyrics to “Mighty To Save” by Laura Story

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  • KoolNess96

    Amen to that he is mighty to save

  • Beeacat

    my grandpa dosnt believe in god he believes in evalution and he keeps trying to get my brother my cousin and i to believe in that junk please pray for my grandpa he needs to believe before its to late i hope he will learn to be saved

  • lnesbit14

    ††† Jesus Forever †††

  • caitiemae1

    god rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • otigobo


  • JesusisLord196

    Beeacat, I’ll pray 4 u

  • stighome

    god is mighty to save

  • lovely123563

    i love this song soooooo much he is mighty to save i love God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theEmerald28

    I really adore this song…I always sing this song in every part of the house…

  • wertguy

    guys please pray for my mom we got a big trial going a girl named aura arango a christian a member of victory church lied and scammed my mom big amount of money my mom gave money/ jewelries to sell in turn she will remit/give post dated checks after some months after she gained my moms trust she get so many jewelries then she is gone the pastor of her church contacted her she didnt respond i dunno who we can trust lord people christians even lie so sad please pray for us help her to return

  • JooLii96

    This song made me cry. <3

  • Victoria55100

    i love this song

  • DreamsofMajesty

    For anyone who is looking for a biblical explanation of the gospel and salvation, I would highly recommend checking out the scribd website that is listed on my channel. The scripture references given on there make it very clear and easy to understand.

  • diiz101


  • imakenovideos24

    God has truly changed my life right when i wanted give up. Praise Jesus!

  • RachelWearsHats

    @wertguy, how about i pray for your mom, so that everything works out okay and that she can find it in her heart to forgive the girl, and for the girl who lied that she may be truly sorry and that she may be forgiven

  • TheRedwallfan101

    @wertguy we’ll all be praying for both your mom and aura.
    God Bless

  • IAmFree529

    I’ve had many thoughts of suicide because I thought no one loved me. Then suddenly I was invited to a holy group and I was actually being dragged into conversations which never happened to me before. Jesus took control of those people and he saved me. I’ll never forget how blessed I was. This song always reminds me of that time.

  • Flanative57

    This is beautiful !!

  • Jezthevalley

    great version.

  • Supercycle18

    i love this version, it’s the best song ever!!! like if you agree 🙂

  • joniwalkersimmons

    Free529. What a blessing to know who you belong to. JESUS CHRIST yesterday, today and tomorrow. This song can wake me up out of my sleep singing. I love it and thank GOD for the gifts and talents of Mrs Story.

  • JBhater66

    i had gone to a bible camp this past week and we sang songs this one of the songs we sang and it was Amazing cause like after the last 4 lyrics thy stopped the guitars and everyone sang extra loud, it was so amazing, i cant wait to go back next year, <3

  • jurshan31

    this is a great song

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