Origins of Nigerian Praise and Worship Songs

Oleh: Tom
June 12, 2010

For ages‚ people have especially celebrated praise and worship songs owing to the immense faith, belief and intensity that Nigerian singers instill in their praise and worship music. In earlier days, before the arrival of Christian missionaries, Nigerians used to sing different songs in the praise of their Almighty. These songs echoed in the valley whenever there was a brief shower after months of drought or after reaping a good harvest.

There were many special occasions when these praise songs were sung. Some such occasions include the birth of a child in the family to celebrate new life‚ victory of some warrior to celebrate his or her valor and many other songs especially composed to ask the god for his blessings. In fact, there were praise songs for the leader of nation as well.

After the advent of Christian missionaries into the country‚ these praise songs were slowly transformed into worship songs with established guidelines and rules. The praise songs were no longer just songs sung to praise the God but an integral part of Nigerian worship rituals on a day to day basis. Although not very different, these nigerian praise songs were now considered as worship songs.

Furthermore, over time‚ praise songs have been modified and classified into several categories. While the modern worship songs are liked by a lot of people throughout the world‚ there are also many traditional songs which still use the old customary instruments like drums and horns.
In today’s world, nigerian praise and worship songs can be classified into many groups. Some of these include.

  • family songs:
    These are the most commonly used praise songs in many Christian homes. These are ritual songs which are sung to thank god for His kindness and his blessings.
  • marriage songs:
    These are the common songs played or sung during a marriage ceremony. These songs are used to praise and worship the Lord for bringing two souls together.
  • songs for thanksgiving:
    This is the most well known form of this revered genre. These songs are sung when people reap very good harvest.

Praising and worshipping god is one trait that is common across all religions. This includes even pagan beliefs of some tribals. However, it is also an established fact that if someone mentions the words ‘praise and worship’ these days it is almost certain that he or she is talking of Christianity.

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  • Word of God

    praise and worship songs have been around in this country for ages even before the advent of the missionaries. Griots or praise singers also perfected this technique in praising their kings or warriors.

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