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Laura Story is most famously known for being the author of the song “Indescribable,” which received worldwide recognition after it was recorded by Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin. Laura Story recently released her latest album Blessings, and it has been praised by lovers of worship music worldwide. The song Blessings, which is also the title […]

[amazon asin=B0013F1PAK& clips] God of this City, Chris Tomlin   You?re the God of this city You?re the King of these people You?re the Lord of this nation You are You?re the light in this darkness You?re the hope to the hopeless You?re the peace to the restless You are There is no one like […]

[amazon asin=B00137KH9S& clips] Powerful, encouraging and beautiful… “Praise You In This Storm” I was sure by nowGod You would have reached downAnd wiped our tears awayStepped in and saved the dayBut once again, I say “Amen”, and it’s still raining As the thunder rollsI barely hear Your whisper through the rain“I’m with you”And as Your […]

[amazon asin=B0048W3SRS& clips] The people of Uganda need our help. Learn how you can get involved: Our God is Greater – Chris Tomlin. Passion: Awakening album available on itunes. Pictures were taken while conducting wildlife research in NY, NC, OH, AZ, and MI.   “Our God” Water you turned into wine, opened the eyes […]

“Passion for my art drives me so long as I feel the Most High breathing new songs through me. I am committed to a project that when writing and recording I will never rely on what has worked in the past and never fear what hasn’t. The canvas is blank and the colors are endless.” […]

The idea of singing songs of praise is a well-established idea in the country of Nigeria. Historically, songs of praise were song to whatever god(s) the natives believed in, and oftentimes were sung to revel in a rainstorm after a period of drought, or to honor a local ruler who had died. With the introduction […]

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