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May 20, 2011


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“Passion for my art drives me so long as I feel the Most High breathing new songs through me. I am committed to a project that when writing and recording I will never rely on what has worked in the past and never fear what hasn’t. The canvas is blank and the colors are endless.” These are the words of tobyMac which cannot be used to emphasize how passionate he is about his work and worship Songs as a whole. He is a professional musician, producer, and songwriter. tobyMac though now 43 his career is still growing strong.
He started his Worship Music career way back in 1987 with his founder group DC Talks. As you might know early music in the church was shaped by Greek, Syrian, and Hebrew influences, well Dc Talks and some other artists like Carmen brought out a new meaning into all that with the emergence of Contemporary Christian songs. Contemporary Worship Music tends to put more emphasis on reaching out to the youth. Sadly the group disbanded in 2000, but this was not able to stop tobyMac from leaping to great heights.
His songs have made him to have a huge religious influence to people around the world and he is even considered a hero among some people. His goal, in his own words, is: “…to start a revolution that will sweep across cities and erase the devise lines that keep people and cultures apart.” tobyMac calls his music gumbo because he tries to mix hip hop, rock, rap and reggae together. He says he does this so that he can get through to every kind of people no matter what they listen to.
He says that he came up through Christian music but he wants to commune and bridge the gap, to reach out and touch people’s lives and be effective, he also says he wants to reach outside the church and touch lives as walls come down. When talking about Momentum he says he hopes his record stirs people into thinking about God.


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