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March 31, 2012

Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin (Photo credit: Otima)

For you who is a fans of Chris Tomlin and other various Christian music singers you must already know the news about the marriage of Chris Tomlin and Lauren Bricken Tomlin. Famous praise and worship singer Chris Tomlin are one of the most famous praise and worship singer in the United States. He has won various awards including Grammy Award and GMA Dove Award for his songs. He is also a devout member of CompassionArt which is a foundation that focus on the charity for people who are suffering all around the world. The good news about his marriage has been spreading around in the internet. He get married actually on November of 2010, getting married to his long-term partner Lauren Bricken Tomlin. Their wedding is a long awaited event because they have been dating for several years back and many persons, including his family, fans, and friends actually hoped that they can marry as it was something that always hoped by everyone close to him.

The actual ‘How Great Is Our God’ vocalist announced his wedding back in the summer of 2010, to their home congregation in Passion City Cathedral (Atlanta). Many of his fans appreciated that, because not only Lauren is a very beautiful women with great talent, but also because she is a devout Christian that will bring good effect to the couple and can actually support each other in front of God.

The actual couple have been dating in the past 2 yrs, and also engaged whilst away within Guatemala. Many persons didn’t know about the engagement because he doesn’t like too much publication about his personal life, and only several months later the engagement was finally found to the public.

Within an interview along with ‘Today’s Christian Music’, Tomlin stated his mum’s reaction to the wedding had been, “finally”. She finally be able to see her son in the wedding ceremony after 2 years of waiting for her son to propose her girlfriend, Lauren Bricken Tomlin. It is every mother’s dream to get her son married with a good girl that can keep him on the track and can move forward toward a better life in the future.

The actual 38-year-old worship innovator will be getting his globally affecting ‘Indescribable’ established in the actual Parachute year 2011 Mainstage in Jan, with Interest movement innovator Louie Giglio. The actual special worship section will happen within the Sunday nights the event, underneath the Hamilton celebrities. Many celebrities attended the show who also congratulate him for the good news about his marriage with Lauren Bricken. And in the wedding celebration there were many celebrities who came into the party showing their love toward the couple.

Several months after that in the mid of 2011, he told the press that Laura is pregnant and he is going to be a dad. It was a really good news that appreciated by many people who are the fans of Chris and looking for the best for him. And then in the September of 2011, Ashlyn Alexandra Tomlin, the couple’s daughter has born and take her first step into the world.

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