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November 10, 2012

Musical artists of all kinds face the same issue when attempting to break into their field: access to an audience. The most flawlessly produced track means nothing if no one has heard the performance. A stunning vocal track with no credit given can bring tears to a listener’s eyes, but not opportunity to the singer. If you as an artists need to increase your audience and the demand for greater access to your work, Soundcloud-plays.com is the premier choice for you to break-out and overcome your limited name recognition.
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One of the first stumbling blocks an artist runs into is the cost of advertising their skills. Whether it’s in the field or to a fan-base that can carry the word about their work, an artist needs to be exposed as widely and often as possible to increase the demand for their work. The internet tool chest offers more options than any other source for this task. Soundcloud is the single best tool in that chest. Soundcloud offers advertising packages that run from as little as $19 to give you access to a sea of Facebook and Twitter followers. Orders greater than $50 guarantee you a base of ten thousand Twitter followers!

Soundcloud-plays.com also knows that a new artist must have credibility. The followers you will gain through the Soundcloud service are all live and active accounts. Not only will their access be verifiable, but every individual they pass your information to will be verifiable. You will not have a ghost army tweeting your work or bot-based likes on Facebook. Through the internet, Soundcloud will give immediate access to your work to the volume of social networkers you request. The tweets and Likes your work gains will give every person who follows them the chance to experience your work. The passion you bring to your art will be echoed and multiplied through the Soundcloud network by each person who hears your music and then extends that love to others.
For a minimal investment, you will be able to put your art and your name on the fast track to the appreciation and stardom they deserve. Twitter and Facebook are yours for the asking. If you are in need of more, Soundcloud HAS more. Comments on your site? Plays of your work ? Investigate what else Soundcloud has to offer. Simply go to Souncloud-play.com, and find the shortest path to launching your career today!

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