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When I am driving in my car, I constantly have my Ipod going with the latest Christian worship songs. I love belting out the latest easy worship songs at the top of my lungs. But what about when you don’t have access to your ipod, but only a computer. Maybe you are lucky enough to […]

Ever heard the saying, “sometimes simple is better”? This is often the case with worship. Easy worship songs, or tags, can sometimes be the most powerful part of a worship set. What Are EASY WORSHIP SONGS (Tags)? These are the songs that are usually only 2-4 lines long and 3-4 chords progressions. Some may consider […]

Guitar Chords – Christian I know that there will be a lot of musicians and members of worship teams reading this blog, so I thought that I would be a great idea to start posting guitar tabs for some of the most popular Christian worship songs. Today we will start with the Take It All […]

The latest news is that Louie Giglio (Indiscribable DVD, and Passion Fame), is founding Passion City Church in Atlanta. While this is exciting news, I know that a lot of you will be wondering why the move from conference founder and music producer to Louie Giglio – Church Planter. And yes he is starting his […]

A couple of years ago I was able to go with a few friends to the Hillsong conference in Sydney, and that is where I first heard the Louie Giglio Indiscribable talk. I must say that left amazed and still consider this message to be one of the most well-conveyed talks I have ever watched. […]