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Press the play button below to preview! [audio:meet-us-here1.mp3] Meet Us Here, the song above, is the first song that I have ever had even semi-professionally recorded (all the rest have been home recording jobs). I wrote this song with my fiance Fiona a couple of weeks ago and last week we had the opportunity to […]

As a kids praise and worship song writer, I am constantly not only writing my own songs that allow kids to praise and worship their creator, but I also try to listen to other kids praise and worship albums to constantly keep my writing fresh. Now I am not saying to copy other writers styles, […]

I hope that I do not offend anyone with the title of this post, but I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about. I am heading to America and Canada for 2 months shortly and love the idea of visiting an African-American Church and experiencing black praise and worship songs! This style of […]

I absolutely love Christian worship songs! And while searching the internet today I just happened to stumble across some Nigerian worship songs which I thought I would share with you (don’t worry, they are in english). Nigerian Praise And Worship Songs As I read over the lyrics of their songs, the thing I found I […]

Everyone is always looking for ways to get things as cheap as possible. So it doesn’t surprise me that you are looking for cheap Christian music. Let me start off by saying that cheap Christian music should never mean illegally downloaded Christian music. Firstly, it is against the law, and as Christians we should obey […]