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Listening to the praise and worship programs on internet radio stations makes the peace of mind and dedication towards god much easier for people. In fact, radio stations playing this genre of songs are one of the most sought after stations on the internet these days. With the emergence of many internet radio stations, people are finding it easier and easier to practice their faiths and beliefs.

After the advent of Christian missionaries into the country‚ these praise songs were slowly transformed into worship songs with established guidelines and rules. The praise songs were no longer just songs sung to praise the God but an integral part of Nigerian worship rituals on a day to day basis.

Praise and Worship music is a good way of turning kids towards the religion and helping them understand what it is about. This music is also called Christian kids music. It is a commonly known fact that there are verses in the bible which speak of children praying to god. These songs are ideal for facilitating a child’s interest in religion and helping him or her understand the reasons and concepts pertaining to worshipping God and taking the right path in life.