Charles Dickens, a little biography

Oleh: Tom
April 17, 2015

While most biographies focus on the many events in a persons life, I wanted to see what C. Dickens really brought to the table as a writer and as a person.

The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that C. Dickens accomplished much, even though he lacked formal education or a strong financial background to back him up. He came from a family where his father was imprisoned and he dropped school to work. Besides this hindrance he was still an editor, author of a variety of novels, novellas, short stories, articles and a fighter for many causes.

His biggest hitters were no doubt Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and Great expectations, which many of us, who do not follow literature to extended degree, were still able to acquaint ourselves with.

The English writer was criticized as well though, mostly for the way he portrayed characters and the environment many of his stories take place. That said, he did become a celebrity writer of the Victorian age. His novels became a whole new genre, by being often done in a series done in weekly or monthly publications. Not only did that generate a lot of interest in the readers that could follow a storyline, it also allowed Dickens to improve and modify his work to suit the reader. He was able to gather feedback and based on that feedback offer a well rounded story. It also enabled him to elude predictability which would make him boring.

Being involved in many charities and struggles for rights of those in need, especially children, he spent his time doing good for the society.

Another note that really impressed me is that he actually made a last tour of readings. He did readings often for charity, but when he was beginning to get ill, he actually decided to call a last tour.

The tour got interrupted due to declining health, but he restarted it and worked till he could no more, trying to redeem himself to his investors. Indeed a man of integrity and responsibility.


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