Chris Tomlin Discography 1995-2000

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April 16, 2010

Some time ago I have written an article titled “Chris Tomlin Biography” in which we went through the historical path of his life and events that shaped him into becoming a reputable Dove Award-winning Christian Contemporary Music artist. Now I think we should also give some attention to Chris Tomlin Discography that is why I decided to cover this part of his life in more details.

So let us go through Chris Tomlin Discography in the period 1995-2000:

1. His debut album “Inside Your Love” was released in 1995 on the good old Audio Cassette and I will try to find the track listing soon and publish it here.

2. Chris Tomlin’s second album was released in 1998 with the title “Authentic“. Here is the track listing of the album Authentic:
1. “In Love with You”
2. “Tell Me Who”
3. “Romans 16:19”
4. “Alle”
5. “You Are My King”
6. “The Cross, the Crown (No Greater Love)”
7. “You Are My Treasure”
8. “Lamb of God”
9. “We Fall Down (My Jesus I Love Thee)”
10. “Shout to the Lord”

3. “Too Much Free Time” was the last album from the period 1995-2000 and it was released in 1999 in cooperation with Ross King. In case you are interested here is the track listing of this the “Too Much Free Time” album:
1. “One Light Town”
2. “Anymore”
3. “Big Man”
4. “Foot In My Mouth”
5. “Hidden Track”
6. “I Fell In Something”
7. “Christmas Song”
8. “If The Devil Was a Man”

As we see Chris Tomlin Discography inludes three releases in five year period (1995-2000), Inside Your Love (1995), Authentic (1998)
and Too Much Free Time (1999).

If you liked this post feel free to come back in few days when we publish the second part of Chris Tomlin Discography in the period 2001-2005.

For more information you can read “Chris Tomlin Biography” that offers a great insight into life of this amazing musician.

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