Discover 4 Useful Secrets For You To Play Your Violin

Oleh: Tom
January 7, 2014

1. Choose A Violin

The first tip covers a lot of secrets to choose a good violin. You should consider a lot of factors before deciding to buy a Violin.

  • Flexibility: You should choose a violin with flexibility for gaining smoother and fuller sound.
  • Material: Material is the most important factor, which can decide quality of any instrument. The best violin will be made from good wood such as Pernambuco wood, Brazil wood or Fiberglass. Because they can be durable and they won’t lose curve of your bow over time.
  • Weight: Do you know that the weight of a new violin is one of the most important factors, which you need to know before buying any instrument. Because, you can meet many difficulties when playing with a very heavy Violin. Therefore, you should choose a violin with lightweight factor about 54 or about 64 grams in weight.
  • Hair: The hair can decide the quality of a Violin. So you should choose a violin with the hair of white horse, which can decide the sound of the violin.

2. Learn The Right Way To Hold Violin

You should learn the right way to hold Violin when playing. This way is very important but it is also easy with some small details. If some of you are a beginner, you should spend 5 minutes at the first time of any practice session to do the right position and get right holds.

  • First, you should put your legs spread comfortably, and they must be in the width apart of your shoulders. Then, when you pick your Violin up by the neck with F holes that can face away with you. When you do right this way, you can see the back of your Violin.
  • Secondly, take the Violin on your left shoulder, and put your jaw on chinrest. You must keep your violin high enough that can allow you to reach the tip of your violin and remain balanced.

You can learn more information about your violin with some first lessons for beginners.

3. Pitch Range Of Your Instrument

You should learn the pitch range of the violin if you want to become a good player. This factor is one of the most important factors for you to play the violin, because this method can show you how to tune the violin with the flat notes. In the fact, the pitch range of violin is from the G3. And you can see the G below middle the C to the C8. This way can help you find the highest sound on your violin.

4. Find A Suitable Violin

If you want to play well, you must choose a right violin which is perfect for you. This violin must make you feel comfortable while holding it, and easy when playing with it. A good and suitable violin can help you play a right note and create a friendly win to blow you in the music.

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