Easy Worship Songs – Some songs for easy praise and worship

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January 26, 2010

One of the most natural forms of human expression is through singing. It is thus not surprising when people worship the deity they believe in – which they do through singing easy worship songs. Easy worship songs can be described as giving praise to God, or a form of prayer. The importance of these songs is to give adoration, devotion, affection, and love to God, which worshipers can do by bowing down before Him, observing moments of silence in submission to Him, lifting hands out to Him, and just pouring everything from the heart.

Easy worship songs, or tags if you like, are very simple, and form a very crucial and powerful part of any worship set. Most of these songs are normally around 2-4 lines long, with 3-4 chord progressions. These simple tags of worship are quite powerful perhaps because of the repetition because unlike a normal worship song with verses, the chorus, and the bridge structure where one gets to sing only twice or thrice maximum, easy worship songs can be sang up to 30 times as the lines are short.

The repetition of easy worship songs gives the worshipers time to really listen and reflect on what the words are saying, and giving them enough time to personalize the lines, making them their own and applying them on their particular situation. Many people have discovered that easy worship songs reach and express their deepest feelings far more strongly than words alone could.

During easy worship songs, the congregation will often harmonize in a free manner, probably even singing and speaking in tongues, while the worship leader will more often than not seek to be ‘guided and led by the Holy Spirit’. A Unique and indescribable experience is created when there is an improvised flow from one song to another, and it is not uncommon to find a musical material inserted from one song to the other.

Additionally, easy worship songs make the church lively. No one wants to worship in a boring church with no songs. This is perhaps related to the fact that worshiping involves both call and response whereby the worshippers call upon the Lord and reaches the deepest depths of their hearts with special power, while singing out to the Lord expresses with very unique and special power the deepest response from the worshiper’s hearts to the Lord.

Last but not least, easy worships songs are what determine how everything else in a typical service will proceed. When easy worship songs lift people to the highest heights, people who lead the worship including the pastor will without a doubt be inspired to preach and lead the congregation with greater power and freedom. It has also been proven that people who sing worship songs in truth and in spirit find that their hearts and minds have been opened more clearly to hear and receive from the Word of God.

Here are some examples of easy worship songs:

Awesome God

Our God is an awesome God

He reigns from heaven above

With wisdom power and love

Our God is an awesome God

My God Is A Miracle God

My God is a Miracle God (2x)

He has never failed,

He will never fail.

He will do what He says He will do,

He will do what He promised to do.

Come And See The Lord Is Good

Come and see the Lord is good (2x)

There is nothing He can not do

Come and see the Lord is good.

He gave me victory

He gave me peace of mind

There is nothing He can not do

I have seen Lord is good

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