Listen To My Latest Song – 'Meet Us Here'

Oleh: Tom
June 8, 2009

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Meet Us Here, the song above, is the first song that I have ever had even semi-professionally recorded (all the rest have been home recording jobs).

I wrote this song with my fiance Fiona a couple of weeks ago and last week we had the opportunity to show our worship pastor – who allowed us to come into church to record a sample of the song on the digital sound desk – so that it could be work shopped further!

I am really happy with how it turned out and would love to know your thoughts on everything about the song – lyrics, music and singing 😀

Vocals: Fiona Steele
Guitar: Thomas Sinfield

Meet Us Here Lyrics

I will lift my face
As I look to You
Come meet me here

I will reach my hands
Up to You
Come and meet me here

Show me all that You are
I want to know You
I want to know You

Come and meet us here
Where we are
In this place
Come touch our hearts
Show me love
Show me everything You are

Show me Your love
Show me Your love
Show me Your love
Pour it out

Copyright Thomas Sinfield & Fiona Steele 2009

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  • Nokubonga krwentela

    Hi there… love the lyrics, nice and simple:) but that doesnt mean the song has to b simple too….so mayb a male voice could do the trick, even if its on the chorus, and ofcos a bit of drums would be an added bonus:) nice voice Fiona:)

  • Paul Smikle

    Hi just listened to your song, it’s very powerful, and speaks to the heart. May God continue to bless you both. Have a great day.

    Agent Orlando

  • Bobbie

    WOW that was insanely beautiful! I L.O.V.E IT!!!
    Great Job guys!!

  • Silvie Jones

    Hey guys!
    This song is awesome! You two are both extremely talented! The lyrics are beautiful and deep and you can really sense that the two of you have such a heart to live for and please God, which is truly refreshing not only to other Christians, but undoubtedly to non-believers as well!
    So know that this song is powerful! The lyrics are great, the guitar and vocals are beautiful and I have no doubt that God is going to use this song and many others that the two of you put together to bring glory to his name!
    Keep perusing your passions and let God’s light shine through the both of you as you sing and praise him! ?

  • prisca opara

    this is cool. Keep it up.

  • Tom

    Nokubonga – I can definately see where you are coming from. This recording was just so that our band could have a copy to work out their individual parts. And I would have added male vocals, but I just happen to have a cold and no voice 🙁

    Paul, Bobbie and Prisca – Thankyou so much for your kind words!!

    Silvie – Thankyou! We both definately have a heart not only to worship God with our words, but also with our lives.

  • This is great!! :)Yeah, I think that a contrasting voice would add something to it. Also maybe a little violin in the intro? Get well soon!! 🙂 ~Laura~

  • Gabrielle

    Very pretty. Some of the lines seemed kind of cliche though, so maybe spice them up or think of different ways to word them?

  • Tom

    Laura – Thankyou! Violin would make an interesting touch. I love strings!

    Gabrielle – 😀 thanks. We will take that into consideration!

  • bridget

    Awesome!!! 🙂

    That sounds so beautiful good work guys 🙂

  • Sarah

    just beautiful :):)
    great song Sinfields!

  • Mary

    Absolutly beautiful!!! Thanks for using and sharing the gifts our Great God has given you!

  • Very nice.It is a present from very splendid God.

  • Very nice. I would love to hear what your band has done with this as well. I can definitely hear some nice electric leads, keyboard pads, bass walks and drum parts in my head as I listen to this. The nice thing about this is I can hear you keeping it light and simple or really taking it up and cranking it out. Fiona has a very nice voice and is very easy to listen to.

    One thing that did distract me just a bit…you switched from I\Me to We and Us. I would pick one or the other and try and work with that. Also, I could hear another pair of verses – maybe focusing on bowing before him in reverence or being in quiet prayer listening for him. Just a thought.

    Great job. May God continue to bless you in your ministry for him!

  • Tom

    Thankyou so much for your feedback Jeff! I would love the opportunity to record it with a full band! I didnt even noticed the change from I to We – I will look into that. Thanks for the advice on the extra verses, I will have a play around and see waht happens!

  • Really, really nice song. It has a rhythm and feel that begs us to sing along with it. Beautiful voice.

    Idea? It’s a very “physical” song: Lift my face, reach my hands, touch our hearts. Consider a tweak on that… maybe using “voice” somewhere, as in “I want to hear your voice.” Still physical, but using another of our senses.

    Feel free to review and critique any of my songs at Any suggestions are welcome!

    Michael Thelander

  • joshicun from twitter

    this is amazing the lyrics are very good keep praising the Lord:)

  • Steve Rodgers

    Yuur band have some great tunes. The sound of the drum and the bass is real catchy.

  • Tom

    Thank again guys! I am loving the feedback, so thanks for taking the time to review my song.

    Steve- Im not sure what song you were listening too, because this recording doesnt have bass or drums…

  • Is this your own composition? nice one! God Bless you!

  • You’ve got a good start. I know that this is going to sound like i’m a jerk but I just want to be honest.
    VOCALS- Take time to practice the melody and get it down solid.
    At times it sounded like you weren’t sure where you were going.
    Guitar- Simple is good! I’m sure that you have other lead parts for it but as far as the rythym goes… it was solid.
    Lyrics- This is what need the most work. They are good, but very cliche. Try and listen to Hillsong United, David Crowder Band or John Mark McMillan. Those artist are all worship leaders that think outside the “christianeze” lyric box. You have potential to do alot more! To be honest both verses equal a standard verse. I know that writing is not easy but you obviously have something to say. Just take some mor time and develop the lyric… it will be worth it!

  • This is a really great song, from a production point of view it could maybe do with a little more dynamics, though this will come with the adaptation of further instruments.

    Also I didn’t really think the bridge worked out very well, sometimes its best to leave something like that out, it’ll give the audience more time to get involved in the music and worship, then dive straight back into the Chorus.

    All in all it is definately one of the best christian music songs I’ve heard in a while.

  • Angela

    Tom and Fiona –
    As a Catholic Charismatic who loves to praise and worship the Lord I so enjoyed listening to your song. The key to worship music is to have one or two sentences that are repeated over and over again so that the worshipper is focusing more on God than on themselves or the music. I love the words to this song and really feel that they carry those who are listening into God’s presence. Yes, some violins would be beautiful as well as another voice in harmony…the two of you have a gift from the Lord – keep using it to bring others into His Presence!

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