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May 30, 2009

When I am driving in my car, I constantly have my Ipod going with the latest Christian worship songs. I love belting out the latest easy worship songs at the top of my lungs. But what about when you don’t have access to your ipod, but only a computer.

Maybe you are lucky enough to be allowed to listen to music while you are at work. Where do you find good Christian praise and worship music online?

Praise and worship radio stations of course! Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

The Best Online Praise And Worship Radio Stations

  1. Air1 – The Positive Alternative
    This is my personal favourite and I found out about it from a friend of mine who listens to it all day as he works from home. They have all the latest Christian music and some fantastic segments as well.
  2. K-Love – Positive And Encouraging
    Not only is K-Love one of the best praise and worship radio stations online, but it also is able to be tuned into all across the United States and Internationally through local radion stations.
  3. Hope 103.2 – Passion For Life
    The thing I love about Hope 103.2 is the feautres on their website. You are able to download interviews and receive daily devotional email sent to you each day. Plus, they just happen to be from my home country of Australia!

I hope this has really helped you find a praise and worship radio station that suits you. I encourage you to try them all to find the one that you like best!

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