Song Writing Inspiration (Twitter Poll Results)

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February 19, 2011

Song Writing Inspiration

Sometimes as song writers we go through dry spells, where no matter how hard we try or how long we sit at our piano or guitar – nothing comes out. It is like we have run empty of creativity and can’t seem to find inspiration anywhere.

But then again, sometimes it is the complete opposite. I can go through times where I can write a new song each day for a whole week (not saying they are all good). This got me thinking about why this happens. Why do we seem to through these cycles of constant inspiration then no inspiration. Why can I sit down with my guitar and write the majority of a song in 20min, where everything seems to flow so easily, and then not be able to write anything new for a month?

It all comes back to inspiration, so I put the question out to the @IHeartWorship Twitter followers, to see where they drew they inspiration when it comes to song writing.

Where Do You Get Inspiration For A Song?

LaCyn@IHeartWorship anywhere and everywhere. God can inspire me no matter what I’m doing.

Alejadukes2006@IHeartWorship personal time with God, relationships, people, just people in the street.

ViMad@IHeartWorship the inspiration source is God but the nature, the society ,the situations inspires us to write songs with content to worship

emmanuelgee@iheartworship I get it from moments in my life, and/or what God has spoken to me. Just pray 🙂

The thing that I love about all these answers is that it always came back to two things, LIFE and GOD.


Everywhere that we look, every moment of our day, we encounter people, problems, beauty, love, hope, despair, rejection, affliction, persecution, hope, justice, injustice, the joy of a new friendships, the loss as someone departs from our lives. Everyday we are given countless opportunities to see not only the result of man’s sin and the impact that it has had on our world, but also the beauty of seeing God’s grace, His mercy, His love and His hope shining into these situations as His people carry on the work that He started. There is inspiration for songs everywhere, but are you open to seeing them? You have to allow God to open your eyes and soften your heart to what is going on around you.

My Story Of Inspiration

I great example of this was recently when I was in Canada. I was watching a documentary on MTV about the poverty in Africa and my heart just started to break seeing the lack that they had. How whole countries were starving while we sit in the comfort of our homes.

So as I am watching this documentary, I start crying out to God, “What can I do? I need to do something!” As I am praying this they do a close up of this one young African boy and something just grabs me. Now I have seen a lot of ads and documentaries about Africa as it’s a passion of mine, but never has an image been so burnt into my mind. The hurt in his eyes burnt into my soul, and suddenly these lyrics start pouring into my head and by the end of the documentary I had the majority of this song written with music!

So Far Away

[v 1.]
As I look into your eyes my heart is breaking
I am moved,I am moved
Standing on the outside looking in
What can I do, What can I do

You’re so far away
It feels like there is world’s in between us
But I see your pain and I know I must try
To reach out to you

[v 2.]
As I look and see you smiling despite your pain
I am moved, I am moved
The face of countless millions needing us now
But what can I do, what can i do

You’re so far away
It feels like there is world’s in between us
But I see your pain and I know I must try
To reach out to you

I can’t sit in comfort while millions are dying
I can’t pretend everything is alright

With young children fighting and so many dying
This injustice has gone on to long

You’re so far away
It feels like there is world’s in between us
But I see your pain and I know I must try
To reach out to you
You’re so far away
But my heart won’t let you go

Now I know that this song won’t help feed that young boy, but what God did was allow me to express exactly how I was feeling at that time so that every time I come back and read those lyrics, or jump on my guitar and start playing that song, I will be taken straight back to the place that I wrote it and remember the promise that I made that day and know that even though I probably can’t reach that one boy, he is the face of millions that I can help.

Have you ever been inspired so strongly to write a song? I’d love to hear your story. So please leave a comment below!

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  • CHuck

    I started writing songs 4 years ago im a senoir in High school now .I started Because i loved the Beatles and started playing guitar because of George Harrison. the First song i wrote that i put music too was a song called A new star in the sky it was a song i wrote on the way to see my Grandmother right as she was dieing. i made a promise to her after i read the song that i will always write what i feal even if its not good and even if its not “politacly correct” at the time of its making.during the school year it seams i can make songs almost everyday but during the summer i cant write a single thing. when ever i need insperation i listen to a song take a frase from it or play my old songs and take from them

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