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Nigerian Christian music offers a wealth of worship songs as well as artists. The music from the Nigerian past was more biting and finger-pointing than it is today. However, one of the famous singers today is Nneka who is known as a gospel and soul artist. She is one of the new singers who is […]

The idea of singing songs of praise is a well-established idea in the country of Nigeria. Historically, songs of praise were song to whatever god(s) the natives believed in, and oftentimes were sung to revel in a rainstorm after a period of drought, or to honor a local ruler who had died. With the introduction […]

Although all religions praise their God(s) in one-way or another, the people of Nigeria utilize the art of song in a unique fashion. Even though Nigerian worship songs have gone through various incarnations throughout its history, the principal sense of love and devotion for their God has always been of the utmost importance. Nigerian natives […]

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