Until the Whole World Hears album (2009)

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May 20, 2011

Until the Whole World Hears

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This is the fourth studio album fifth overall by the American Christian Rock band Casting Crowns. It was released in November 17, 2009 by Beach Street/Reunion in the U.S and in the Philippines on January 2010 via Sony Music Entertainment. It includes hits like, “Until The Whole World Hears” and another hit “If We’ve ever Needed You”.

The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 2oo in the all genre album category of music. It sold 167432 copies that week, making it the largest selling debut by a Christian artist. The album was certified gold within four weeks. At mid 2010 the album had sold over 600000 copies.

The title of the album comes from a signature line in an e-mail from Roger Glidewell, Mark’s mentor student in ministry. Their hooky pop/rock melodies and made-for-church worship lyrics have maintained a great audience; the band has always mixed other musical schemes, making their success more of a miracle.

“Until the Whole World Hears” tries to up the musical ante a bit with mix of some poetic lyrics and good flow of words. They have added some electric guitar bits that bring out a real rock vibe; this is emphasized by a backing chorus that will become a perfect sing-along for live audiences. “If We’ve Ever Needed You” and “Always Enough” are inspirational anthems, admitting that the world and the people really need a savior. Many reviewers still think that most of the tracks suffer from “Crowns Cliché Syndrome,” using lyrical Christian-ese to produce the right rhymes that seem hard-pressed to energize a ready-to-worship crowd, but that is for you the listener to find out and judge for yourself.

However Christians around the world think that messages in the album is Gods way of communication.

The album has 12 tracks in total.

  • Until the Whole world hears
  • If we’ve Ever Needed you
  • Always enough
  • Joyful ,Joyful
  • At your Feet
  • Glorious Day (Leaving he Loved me)
  • Holly One
  • To know You
  • Mercy
  • Jesus Hold Me now
  • Blessed Redeemer
  • Hidden Track: Show Your Wings
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