Who Am I Casting Crowns

Oleh: Tom
August 19, 2011

you can download the full version (version on youtube isn’t the full version) at rapidshare.com UPC Conference Church 2006 De Bron, Who Am I – Casting Crowns/ Performed by the Oslo UPC Youth Group. They got in November a new concert at Oslo, Norway. Video’s will be posted on Youtube.

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  • DirtyMikeballin95

    you people are brain dead.

  • DirtyMikeballin95

    @UnchainedGods now that you have found god maybe you can find spell check!

  • OzoneNighthawx


  • Turn2God4Hope

    We are nothing–GOD IS EVERYTHING!
    Please check out this NEW song entitled–God Is Good Even If
    Enter: mark behrens even if (in the search field)

  • MusicianFC

    @ReptileSecondNature ii mate, so many ppl misintpret or misunderstand what they are actually supposed to be doing
    andd remember, the creator of the universe, the designer of everything, would have a better understanding of how to run things, over you, no matter how smart you think you are

  • TheJerexanne23


  • cmgreen4

    @jude09876543211 that’s a little presumptuous of you and the people who liked your comment. what if the dislikers (dislikers…not unlikers) are Christians but just don’t like the song? Not to mention, if you want to change the dislikers on the pretense that they aren’t Christian, all your comment does is make the non-Christians even more detracted from Christianity because you make Christians seem like pretentious people that think everyone who doesn’t like a mere song needs saving.

  • cmgreen4

    @jude09876543211 if you’re a Christian and you want to save people, fine. If it’s the life mission you have found and want others to see the same light, good for you. But do it the right way. Don’t say such presumptuous and potentially offensive things that, while might seem positive, really just do nothing but make Christians seem like airheads who babble about praying and saving everybody just because of something as un-telling as dislikers of a song. be open minded and not demeaning about it.

  • cmgreen4

    @DirtyMikeballin95 at least we’re not pretentious, generalizing, condescending people like you. some atheists are dumb and bad, some atheists are intelligent and good. some religious people are dumb and bad, some religious people are intelligent and good. religion has nothing to do with it. it’s a personal choice to follow a path that suits someone the best. so stop bashing people for what they chose. it’s a sensible right to practice what we want, just as you have the right to do what you want

  • creedjeremy

    Amen to the Lord!

  • creedjeremy

    “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…. not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

  • cullens1000

    it’s so beautiful! no more no less

  • fidiakhu

    so romantic..i love it, I can see Jesus loves me so much..

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  • angelinabbr

    esta bellisimo el video, no sabes como me emocione al verlo, amoooo esta cancion, me identifico mucho con las letras ….

  • 151994Mrderay

    such an inspiring song :). May GOD Bless You Always 🙂

  • thessj4gogeta1

    @UnchainedGods it is not about realigon it is about how you serve jesus

  • hooperstood

    @cmgreen4, in the interest of social harmony I simply tolerate the demented rhetoric religion tries to force upon society. But don’t ever think that my tolerance constitutes acceptance or acknowledgement of legitimacy.

  • mrsriddle19

    seriously the lord has gave me such a great life compared to the terrible life i use to have and even then god was by my side i got invoved in youth group and all kinds of activitess with the church .seriously made it a huge difference in my life .even though my parents are still messed up. im seeing amazing mircales thoughout my life. even might get my parewnts one day …..: )i pray hard for it . but i keep my head high and kepp god in my life and my life has gotten better. just need faith

  • Giiiihzinha

    Esse louvor é maravilhoso *

  • ChappellsBoy

    I wanna let you know how amazing this video is. I must have watched it 100 times since I found it. I show everyone its soo kool and up lifting. Thanks for sharing it

  • KanonTheBand

    Hey guys we’re an upstart Christian band and would love some feedback on some of our songs, check out our channel to listen. Thanks:)

  • cookmark63

    • Christianity certainly is still a Jesus cult. Although it grew into a large organized religion for varied reasons and today is a billion dollar business selling an imaginary product by offering fraudulent promises and hopes that can’t be verified, in essence its still a cult.


    @cookmark63 It’s not surprising you would say that since your on out side looking in,people often develop opinions based on a lack of knowledge rather than actual knowledge. Why dont you come in out of the storm and find out first hand what Christianity is all about,the door is always open!

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